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A holistic approach to support women through overcoming their candida overgrowth.

I help driven women get to the root of their candida overgrowth so they can overcome their chronic yeast infections, feel in control of their digestion, and overall health and wellbeing

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Let’s Get Rid of Your Candida Overgrowth!


1:1 Program

In this 1-1 Candida program I take you through my 5R approach to rebalancing yeast. The program includes 1-1 support, custom candida protocols, meal plans, grocery lists, handouts, and more.


The Candida Course

Learn the 5R approach I use with my 1:1 clients to improve your candida-related symptoms and feel like yourself again. The course includes 1:1 support to help you get the best results.

Meet the Founder

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Hello, my name is Marisa!

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ who specializes in candida overgrowth. I use a holistic approach to help women get to the root of their candida overgrowth and rebalance their gut microflora.

After many years of suffering from chronic constipation, bloating, brain fog, and food sensitivities, It was time to become my own advocate for my health.

Read more about my story here..

Considering a Candida Cleanse?

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I put this free downloadable guide together for you so that you can educate yourself about what needs to be considered before you start a candida cleanse. You will learn about candida symptoms and imbalances, tips for getting started, and how to ensure you get rid of it for good.


I have also included several frequently asked questions and recipes to support your journey.

Kind Words from Past Clients

Let’s get cooking!

The recipes I share on my blog are a mixture of healthy whole food recipes and candida cleanse recipes. I have a section devoted to candida cleanse approved recipes, which also includes recipes that can easily be made candida friendly through using some simple swaps.


"After many years of trying supplements and spending hundreds of dollars with Naturopaths, I can honestly say that I could see the improvements after my first consultation with Marisa. I have struggled with digestive issues my whole life and it was rather refreshing being able to discuss it with someone who understood me personally. I didn't have to worry about explaining myself and my struggle too in-depth because she had been through it and knew what it felt like. She has already personally tried numerous different treatments for digestive support so she was able to suggest many different options for me to try. If one didn't work out, she always had another one to recommend. Her wealth of knowledge on the subject of gut health is remarkable, and when she's talking about it there is absolutely no doubt this is her passion. She carries this passion into her work and her commitment to helping people out of the dark place she was once in and into a state of well-being."

- Vanessa

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