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The Candida Guide Ebook 

A thorough and realistic guide to understanding Candida based on my personal and client experiences working as a gut health nutritionist. 

Are you ready to become a candida expert?

Have you been spending hours researching on the internet and in books about how to get rid of candida or how you got it in the first place?

Are you feeling lost and defeated because your doctor doesn’t know what is creating your symptoms?

Did you start a candida cleanse, but failed because it was too strict or just simply is not working?

Are you curious about what a non-restrictive candida cleanse might entail?

Are you tired of eating the same bland candida friendly meals on repeat?

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I cover topics that you will not be able to find through a google search.


I remember when I first started my candida cleansing journey. I bought every book I could find about candida and I became a professional candida google researcher. Sadly, all this did was create a massive amount of stress, anxiety, and confusion. It seems that all of the information about candida overgrowth is conflicting. 


So if you are just starting your candida cleansing journey, I totally get how overwhelming it is to try and sift through all of the information about candida overgrowth online and in books. This is why I decided to create my ebook, to provide you with credible information about candida overgrowth.

Are you ready to be well informed about candida overgrowth?

This ebook is for you if you…

Have an inkling that your symptoms may be related to candida, but you haven’t been able to find enough concrete information to prove so

Are interested in learning about how you may have developed an overgrowth of candida

Have been following a strict candida cleanse for months, you haven’t seen any improvements, and you can’t figure out why

Want to learn about other ways to cleanse from candida that don’t require removing all fruits, starches, and grains from the diet (hint….you can cleanse from candida and eat plant based!)

Want to educate yourself about candida overgrowth and how it affects other bodily organs and systems

Have been following a candida cleanse for a while, eating the same candida friendly meals on repeat, and you're looking for some new, exciting, delicious candida friendly recipes

Struggle with cravings for sweets on the candida cleanse and you're in need for some candida friendly treats! I got you covered with all things chocolate

Want to broaden your knowledge about the gut, dysbiosis, and the role that candida plays in our overall health and well-being

Find solace in knowing that you are not alone on your candida cleansing journey

Find the hope and motivation required to fight candida and get rid of it for good

Feel confident about the information you learned about candida because it came from a credible source rather than a google search

Understand how all of your candida symptoms and body system imbalances are connected

Have an inkling about how you may have developed candida in the first place

Understand why addressing the root cause in your candida cleanse is more important than following the diet

After you read this book you will…

Understand why strict candida cleanses don’t work for everyone

Understand how candida overgrowth can lead to an array of other body system imbalances and health conditions

Understand the role that stress, blood sugar, and hormones play in fighting candida

Find answers about your health concerns that your doctor wasn’t able to provide to you

Have tons of recipes to incorporate into your candida cleanse


What candida is

The Candida Guide ebook provides credible information about candida overgrowth. It is split up into two parts. Part 1 is an informational guide about candida overgrowth, and part 2 is all recipes.

In the informational guide I cover…

What some of the common symptoms are associated with candida via a comprehensive symptom chart

How it is diagnosed

What contributes to the development of candida overgrowth / what all the possible root causes are for candida overgrowth

How candida can contribute to other body system imbalances, such as leaky gut, hormone imbalances, imbalanced blood sugar, etc.

Why rebalancing the gut microbiome goes much farther than taking a probiotic and an antifungal.

How to start your morning (i.e. what types of bowel cleansing beverages you can consume on the candida cleanse)

Why the candida diet your currently following may not be working

Why you’re experiencing cravings and extreme fatigue from strict candida cleanses

Why managing certain lifestyle factors, such as stress, mindset, and blood sugar are key to helping you overcome your persistent candida overgrowth

How to figure out what type of candida program is right for you

Frequently asked questions from my amazing community, friends, and clients

Part 2 is comprised of tons of candida friendly recipes, which includes:

Beverages, such as a dandelion root tea latte and chicory root latte

Breakfasts, such as smoothies, chia puddings, pancakes, hashes, etc.

Lunches and dinners, such as stir fry's, curries, burrito bowls, etc

Nutrient dense snacks

Treats, such as fat bombs, chocolate pudding, etc

Dressings, sauces, and dip, such as sunflower seed hummus, toasted sesame ginger dressing, etc

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I have taken a lot of value from your ebook and your content! I have a bag of fat bombs in the freezer at all times, I make the hazelnut smoothie once a week and always look forward to it. I have started using the Crave Stevia (love the flavours, currently obsessed with making sparkling lemonades). I am using the fiber mix and I started to include small amounts of resistant starches without food guilt. This is for sure a journey, but I am grateful I have your virtual support!

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In case you're wondering

  • How do I know if I can benefit from 1-1 Coaching?
    If you have been trying to cleanse from candida on your own for quite some time or if you’ve been working with another practitioner and you aren’t seeing results, let's chat! There is so much more that goes into candida cleansing than just following a diet and taking antifungals. Together we can figure out your root cause and get you on a custom program to eradicate your specific overgrowth.
  • What is the difference between your Candida Guide eBook and your 1-1 Coaching Program?
    The Candida Guide eBook is an informational guide about candida overgrowth. If you’re new to a candida cleansing journey and you would like to learn more about candida overgrowth, then the Candida Guide eBook is a great place for you to start. It is also applicable if you have been cleansing on your own or with another practitioner and you may not be seeing results, and you are curious why. The Candida Guide eBook doesn’t include a candida protocol to follow for a few different reasons. Firstly, I don’t believe in generalized food or supplement lists. Each and every person’s candida overgrowth is unique and presents differently. The food and supplements that work to eradicate one person’s candida overgrowth might not work for eradicating yours as we all have a different biochemistry set. For this reason, I believe a custom approach will be more effective. It is also important to understand that the root cause is more important than following the diet, so this aspect of your cleanse shouldn’t be overlooked. This is why I have outlined the root causes in the ebook, and if you need help addressing your root cause within your cleanse, then I would recommend booking in with me.
  • What can I expect from us working together?
    You will be 100% supported throughout your entire candida cleansing journey. The program includes 1-1 support, a custom candida friendly protocol, which comes with a food list, meal plan, grocery list, educational handouts, and access to high quality supplements.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    We meet once a month for a formal follow up visit, and bi-weekly video chat sessions are offered as well.
  • Can we work together if I live outside of Canada/in another time zone?
    Yes, my practice is global, and my services are offered virtually. It is not a problem to work around the time zone difference.
  • Are the dates/times showing for the discovery call booking in my time zone or yours?
    The dates/times showing for the discovery call booking are displayed in your time zone, so please choose whichever date/time works best for you and your schedule.
  • How do we meet for sessions?
    All of our time together is spent on Practice Better. This is where you can locate your client portal, client resources, chat messenger, and our video chat calls.
  • Can I pay monthly? Is there a payment plan option?
    Yes, the program bills on a monthly payment plan, which is split up over the course of the five months that we’ll be working together.
  • How long does it take to heal from candida overgrowth?
    This really depends on where your starting point is at. For example, how many years you’ve had candida, the severity of the overgrowth (is the infection systemic or localized to the gut), if there is resistance/biofilm formation, etc. Sometimes multiple rounds of cleansing are required. If we need to do another round of cleansing after the five month program, I can transition you into my maintenance program. This program is offered at a discounted rate.

Ready to be a candida expert?

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Looking for more individualized support?

Check out my 1:1 Service offerings

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